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Group of 1-3 people All ages, 16 and under with adult
Group of 4-7 people All ages, 16 and under with adult


Visit Scotland’s most renowned battlefield and castle. The tour will start at the historic Culloden Battlefield where the renowned battle took place in 1746. Explore the battlefield and walk in the footsteps of those battle hardy soldiers.

There is also a visitors centre, well worth the visit, where you will experience a dramatisation in a cinematic room (a great experience). Also at the visitor centre, you can obtain a headset to go around on a Culloden Battlefield tour which will bring the whole experience to life.

From there, will we go onto the wonderful Cawdor Castle, which is home to the Dowager Lady Cawdor. The castle is set in a beautiful garden where you might see the its resident highland cattle.

The castle dates back to the late 14th century; inside, take in the smells and view, see the wonderful interior, and look out for the holly bush still in situ in the original tower. For all you thespians, you will see why the castle was also featured in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.

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